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I Am Very Lucky, Very Lucky To Be Trans, 2022

Installation View at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, SECA Art Award Exhibition.

Curated by: Jovanna Venegas & Andrea Nitsche-Krupp


I Am Very Lucky, Very Lucky to Be Trans, is a site-specific installation that appropriates the form of the religious polyptychs, mixing catholic imagery and queer nightclub aesthetics. It features portraits of thirty-three Bay Area trans, intersex, and gender-nonconforming activists and cultural leaders who are at the forefront of revolutionary advocacy. These activists are working for the human rights and sustainable futures of queer and trans people, nationally and internationally. Their voices are present throughout the space, sharing how their life experiences have shaped their work, leadership, and vision they have fiercely fought for. Interstitial hymns written and performed by Freddie activate the space with an ode to queer kinship and intergenerational connection.  


Taking over a full wall, these leaders are imparted with the divine status often given to religious icons and celebrated for work that has always been present but rarely acknowledged. As anti-trans sentiment and legislature grow,  Pardo Ariza states “celebrating and uplifting the work of Black and Brown folks in leadership positions is more important and necessary than ever.” This project centers those fighting for a better future for their communities and honors their labor, strength, and magnificent beauty.  

This work features Adam Reyes, Adela Vázquez, Alexis Jiménez, Anjali Rimi, Arianna Salinas, Aubrey Davis, Boo Parker, Cecilia Chung, Celine Seno, Donna Personna, Ebony Ava Harper, Esteban Rodriguez, Honey Mahogany, Ivory Smith, Joaquin Remora, Julián Delgado Lopera, Jupiter Peraza, Kiesha Lambino, Lana Patel, Lashai Williams, L’Oreal Earle, Natasha Tansey, Nicole Santamaria, Pau Crego, Porshay, Taylor, Rocky Davis, Sage Hapke, Sam Favela, Sathya Baskaran, Shane Zaldivar, Sofía Sabina Ríos Dorantes, Tina Aguirre, and Victoria Castro.


Special thanks to Freddie Seipoldt for the dreamy sound collaboration (listen below) and thank you to the following local organizations: California TRANScends, Castro LGBTQ Cultural District, Dimensions Queer Youth Clinic, El/La Para TransLatinas, Our Trans Home SF, Parivar Bay Area, the San Francisco Office of Transgender Initiatives, St. James Infirmary, the Transgender District, and the Transgender Law Center.

Installation View SFMOMA, I Am Very Lucky, Very Lucky To Be Trans. Photo by Katherine Du Tiel
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Interview with NIcole Santamaria, excerpt HERE
Interview with Jupiter Peraza, excerpt HERE
Interview with Joaquin Remora, excerpt HERE

We Are The Ones is a song written and performed by Freddie Seipoldt, commissioned for I Am Very Lucky, Very Lucky To Be Trans. Produced by Tim Vickens.

[Verse I]

Looks like a family affair,

Only your love can take me there

And you wouldn’t believe it baby

Looking like a function in here

I know that things ain’t alright

But all of my girls are out tonight,

Even if you don’t feel it lately,

Baby you’re a star in the sky



And so we will light a way

Til we see a brighter day

Break free from the lies and shame

But a bad bitch known to start a riot anyway



I’m celebrating 

All my kinfolk chillin on the dance floor

Thanks god we made it

Thought they had us for sure (no, no)

We’re so creative,

Irresistible, liberated

We are the ones,

We’ve been waiting for


[Verse II]

So let my love rain down

Tenderloin down to the Town

Look at what we found, found, found

Now we’re making sound, sound, sound

Can’t believe that we made it 

We’re standing on solid ground

So tell the haters don’t bother me

Future sweet word to Honey Mahogany

Janetta and Ms Aria,

Damn, the gworls run the whole Bay Area (damn)

And now we feeling super

But I gotta show love to Ms Billie Cooper

I love you Ms Billie Cooper

Mama show me how to feel the future

Infiniti like Jasmine


Through the haters, no we ain’t gassing’

Slide through just like it’s electric,

Felt this? Best wishes to my best sis! 


[pre-chorus + chorus]

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