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Spillage, 2019


Kin-Streets is a love letter to the LGBTQIA+ Bay Area community in the midst of 2020. This photographic public art project in San Francisco’s Market St honors and celebrates transhistorical kinship, tenderness, resilience, the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the 54th Anniversary Compton's Cafeteria Riots.


The project consists of photographing queer folks from the past -sourced from the GLBT Historical Society archives- with queers presently living in the Bay Area. These borrowed images have been cropped, printed life-size and rephotographed alongside numerous LGBTQIA+ folks currently living and shaping the Bay Area. The chosen images highlight gestures of care, intergenerational connection and support, and resiliency throughout it all.


There are 18 photographs with 60+ collaborators, including folks from the Transgender District, The Stud Collective, dancers, artists, drag queens, performers, mentors, activist, healers, etc. This project is a way of honoring the queer folks who walked the streets we now walk in, and to celebrate the work we are all doing to keep this city at its queerest, specially in this moment in time; in the midst of a poorly managed health and economic crisis due to COVID-19 and historical uprisings against police brutality.


This project is part of Art on Market Street organized by the San Francisco Arts Commission and it will be displayed in bus shelters along Market St. from November 1st to December 10th, 2020.

Explore the project in Market Street. We recommend starting in Embarcadero :)

Do you want to support local organizations and queer nightlife in the Bay Area? Donate <3 


Transgender District

El/La Para Trans Latinas 

SF Queer Nightlife Fund

The Stud -in exile

Drag Alive 

Queens of the Castro 

Save Aunt Charlie’s 


Aria Sa’id

-The Transgender District 

Janelle Luster

-TRANScend/Transgender District

Spring Collins

-The Transgender District 


-The indigecunt

Jocquesé "Sir JoQ" Whitfield

-SF Native, Creator of Vogue & Tone, The Voguer of San Francisco


-Artista , Bailarín , Performer y DragQueen

Alex Locust

-Counselor, Organizer, Glamputee

Andrew Lopez

-Human Resources Innovator, Public Health Advocate, Sex Liberator

Juli Delgado Lopera


Juan Carlos Rodríguez Rivera

-Designer and Educator

Vertel Jackson

-Visual Artist, Lover of all creatures breathing, math enthusiast and visionary

Matti Bautista


Frida Ibarra

-trans-chicana música

Shannon Amitin

-LGBTQ Activist and Small Business Advocate

Levi Maxwell

-Disco Sensation, Performer, Queer Nighlife Activist, Homeless Youth Advocate and Lecturer of Race, History and Culture

Nicole Santamaria

-Art Therapist

La Mochi 

-Emotional support feather companion

Black Betty

-Haus of Towers, Fashun Fag, Artist

Ismael Fofana

-Performance Artist

Jessi Lorraine

-Tía borracha, glitter queer, moon dancer


-Chachki diva, r&b songstress dictionary, puppy gunkle, forever queer

Mireya Aguilar

-Human, listener, forever queer

Felipe Garcia Jr.

-bar mamá and __________

Jordanne Ho-Shue

-Caribbean queen, fashion icon, alternative thinker, forever queer

Pigpen / Stosh Fila 


Julie Tolentino




Sir Griffin

-Fierce Ruling Diva 

Nicki Jizz

-Drag Performer, Queen of the Fleet

Militia Scunt 

-Drag Performer, Musician

Amoura Teese

-Latinx Queer Artist, Drag Performer

The Stud Collective:  

-Maria Davis, Neven Raja Samara, Houston Gilbert, David Schnur, Bernadette Fons, Terra Haywood, Marke Bieschke, Rachel Ryan, Mica Sigourney, Ruthie, John Foster Cartwright, Jerry Lee Abram, Logan Jonas, Nate Allbee, Paul Dillinger, Oscar Pineda, Siobhan Aluvalot, Honey Mahogany

Grace Towers


Bob Ostertag

-Musician, Writer, Kayaker 

Fiera Ferrari

-Dj, Artist, Organizer




Leila Weefur

-Artist and Film Fag

Kat Trataris

-Artis, Advocate

Roni Diamant-Wilson

-Jazz Lover, Foster Youth Advocate

Gail Wilson

-Drummer, Godmother, Dart Player 

Siedra Loeffler

-Plant Alchemist, Maker of Small Objects 

José Joaquin Figueroa

-Mystic, Sceptic, Narcissist, Folklorist, Philosopher, Clown

Maria Paz

-Visual Artist, Ceramic Sculptor, Painter



Laura Perlin

-Tarot reader and ritualist



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